Mahdia Hattab

Mahdia Hattab - CopyMahdia Hattab is full Professor of civil engineering at the Université de Lorraine, she works in the field of Soil mechanics and Geotechnics. At the Université de Lorraine she teaches an undergraduate course of geotechnical engineering, and applications of finite elements to geotechnical structures, a graduate course of soil mechanics and, at doctoral level, a course in multiscale multiphysical behavior of clayey soils.

Mahdia Hattab research activities are mainly focused on experimental investigation of strain mechanisms in clayey materials. Strain mechanisms are considered from the mesoscopic scale (groups of particles) to the macroscopic scale (specimen level). Her research includes multiscale approach of deformation mechanisms, effect of the structure and cementation on soft soils behavior, microcracks network development in soft clays and micromechanical modeling of clayey material using physicochemical local properties. Mahdia Hattab serves as codirector of Civil Engineering Master of the Université de Lorraine, and as Vice chair of EMI « Granular Material » Committee of the ASCE. She is chair of the first EMI International Conference organized in Europe (2016EMI International Conference).

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