Christina Jommi

cj-atmssCristina Jommi graduated cum laude in civil engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, and received her PhD from the Politecnico di Torino with a dissertation on the numerical modelling of coupled processes in saturated and unsaturated soils. She is Professor of Dykes and Embankments at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Delft University of Technology since 2013, where she moved from the Politecnico di Milano where she had
been assistant professor and associate professor of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. She is author or co-author of about 100 scientific p
apers, and delivered various invited lectures in different international conference. She is member of the TC106 (unsaturated soils) and of the TC214 (soft soils) of the ISSMGE. She has been serving several scientific journals as reviewer or member of the Editorial Board.

Her main interests are the coupled multiphysics response of soils, the engineering of earth structures and the geotechnical aspects of environmental hazard.  Her scientific activity has been focusing on the study and the modelling of compacted soils, unsaturated and gassy soils, clays and organic soils, and snow, including mutliphysics response (hydro-electro-chemo-bio-mechanics), fabric and cracking. Her engineering interests relate to dykes and embankments, stability of natural and engineered slopes, shallow soil landslides and snow avalanches, pollutant containment and remediation, blast vibrations. Information on ongoing activities can be found here.


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